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Blueprint Gaming is a UK-based company acquired by German Gambling Conglomerate. Blueprint has a high reputation for both land and online slot games. Their acquisition with German Gambling Conglomerate helps them to take a prominent role in developing games for both online and land slot games. Blueprint uses slot games from various developers and they too engage in developing their unique games. They have game developing licenses from big TV and many other Movie Franchises.

A Thrill Ride in the Slots

Blueprint Games

Blueprint has a wide range of slot games. The variety of games and its interesting gameplay often makes it difficult for the player to choose a specific game to play. Blueprint games release new games often and they are too easy to play and at the same time will give exciting experiences. Few games in Blueprint games will give a single win that you can have a bigger win with a regular play. Some slots have coins around 15000 or 20000 as prize coins if the reel lands on 5 symbols in a win line. This is an additional value apart from the jackpot prizes. Almost every game in Blueprint is good in graphics. Some may look like a simple game but often ends up as the most exciting and entertaining game ever played by the player. The most important fact to note is that Blueprint games never let the players down and gives a bad impression about the gameplay. The gaming atmosphere is always fair for the players’ benefit.

Famous Blueprint Games

As already stated, Blueprint Gaming has a wide range of slot games and they frequently keep updating their site with new games. One of the popular games in the blueprint is Deal or No Deal: Golden Game. It keeps the player in higher anticipation and increases the curiosity to know what is inside the red box. The recently updated Deal or No Deal: Golden Game is the 12th variant of the most popular Deal or No Deal Series. Another famous slot game is Rolling in Gold. It is a gold mining adventure with a classic casino theme. This game has a unique game field and uses 6 reels as 3-3-4-4-4-4. This game is a complete package of thrill and excitement which leads the player to dig more in the mine to get more golden nuggets to win the game. All the games in Blueprint games have undergone a high-quality assessment and they come with a stamp of approval. So they are completely safe to play and gives soul entertainment to the players.