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Reactoonz – Cascading Game Play

Reactoonz is a 7×7 grid Video Slot game. Reactoonz uses various symbols in the reels. As Reactoonz is a video slot game, it uses a colourful interface. The colourful theme boosts the interest in the game among the players. The winner is selected on the winning combination made in the grid. The winning combination shows 5 or more symbols in a horizontal or vertical line. Sometimes, it can be measured at both levels. If the 5 symbols are connected in a vertical or horizontal line, new symbols will fill up the grid. The game round continues until there is no more new combination.

Features of Reactoonz

Reactoonz slot

Reactoonz has numerous features. A noteworthy feature in Reactoonz is the random Quantum Meter feature. If the player has a winning combination, it fills the Quantum meter. Every play round meter’s level is increased. When the meter is charged to its maximum, one of the four features is selected randomly to change the game strategy. Those four features are as follows: Implosion is one of the features that changes 6 symbols at the maximum into wild symbols and uses those wild symbols to destroy all the nearby symbols. This makes way for new symbols to occupy that exploded symbols’ place. The next feature is Alteration. It alters random one-eyed symbols and changes them into a new symbol. It also alters the matching symbols into a new symbol. Possibilities are there, that no one-eyed symbols will be present in the grid. In such cases, the alteration feature can choose any random symbol and can change it. The next feature is Demolition. This feature destroys all the one-eyed and matching symbols without altering them. The last feature that falls in this category is the Incision. This feature equally cuts a wild symbol in the centre and creates two diagonal lines along the grid. After getting two divisions, these lines will show the same symbol.

Gargantoon Feature

Another interesting feature apart from these four random changes, is the Gargantoon feature. If all five meters are fully charged, it will pave way for the emergence of the Gargantoon feature. This feature will first make a 3×3 grid of wild symbols at any position in the grid. When there is no more possible cascade, it will then reduce the grid as 2×2 grid before making it a 1×1 grid. This game will take place continuously until there are no more possible winning combinations. All these features will help the player to have more wins.